A Dream

April 10, 2006 at 9:33 am (Poetry)

One night, while sitting on my roof
And gazing at the Father’s proof
I dream that all my love was doomed
To be the sole possession I lose
And dreaming on that derelict roof
I saw a face – I dreamt of you

And you whispered to me quietly
“This is a dream within a dream.”

O what a dream that this must be!
In our kingdom by the sea
I with you and you with me
No need to fear or start or scream

But then I am awakened suddenly
From my dream within a dream

And up I see the Heavens black
I call for help but none shout back
Wandering far off the beaten track
I hear the thunder’s clap; I collapse

Returned to my kingdom by the sea
Inside my dream within a dream

And here I’m king, I reign alone
Perched atop my sullen throne
The waves crash hard and then flee home
To the ocean shining bright like chrome

And my sky is a staff of meteor streams
That helps this city glow agleam
And on my throne I think of you
The time we had to say “adieu”

And I hope that I am awakened by your whispering
For this is but a dream within a dream


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Come On! Feel The Illinoise!

April 3, 2006 at 1:23 pm (Critiques, General)

Listen to this album! It's phenomenal! Wow! Sufjan Stevens at his finest.

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March 31, 2006 at 9:12 pm (Critiques, General)

Today the Anaheim Union High School District was placed on lockdown due to fear of walkouts. Not only did this disrupt classes, but it disrupted me. Where do illegal immigrants get off protesting American laws? I heard one girl say, "We're just out here fighting for our rights!"

What rights!?

If you're an illegal citizen, then you're just that, illegal. If you're here illegaly and making no concious effort to remedy the situation, you deserve to be deported to your nation of origin. However, if you're here illegaly and you acknowledge that by trying your damned hardest to get the job done, I commend, applaud, respect, and admire you. I want people here. If you're willing to do the work required to get here, I want you here. Join the party, it's great! However, if you're gonna hop a fence or swim across an ocean to get here, and then disrupt traffic to protest your illegal status, get out; get the fuck out. You should be waving American flags, not Mexican flags, and shouting, "America, America!" not, "Mexico! Mexico!".

I know that my opinion on this matter isn't popular. I know that writing this is like throwing myself to wolves. I also know that the right thing to do isn't the easy thing to do. It's a tough road, but it is worth it in the end.

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Force Rhymes E.P.

March 30, 2006 at 8:15 am (Critiques)

My first review for my blog will be, aptly enough, a review of my own work. It's a (very) lo-fi production consisting of 7 tracks and clocking in at just over 23 minutes long. It is entirely acoustic and was recorded from January 13, 2006 to March 24, 2006 in my "bedroom studio" on my 8-track machine. So let's start the show:

  1. Dear Aldous – This song has many allusions to Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. It has heavy folk influences and, while being rather simplistic in structure, is still fun to listen to.
  2. Bye, Bye, BlacksheepBye, Bye, Blacksheep is a song that deals with leaving home, coming to grips with the way things are, and ultimately learning to accept yourself. The final lines echo regret, but that's only because regret is an integral part of life. It's two seconds shy of seven minutes long, but I feel that it goes by alot quicker than you would expect. While the lyrical content is lacking at parts, it may still hold your interest long enough for you to hear it out.
  3. A Song That I Wrote (There's Blood On The Paper, I Apologize) – Aside from a rediculously long title, I feel that this is one of the most "mature" songs on the album. It's one of two that include multi-track recording (its counterpart is the aforementioned Bye, Bye, Blacksheep) and it's structure required a little more thought than most of the tracks on the album. Overall it's fun to listen to (how can it not be when it has a silly slide guitar throughout).
  4. Forced Rhymes – The title track of the E.P. and one of the only "happy" songs I've written, Forced Rhymes is about longing for a loved one. The main riff is slightly more bluesy than I'm used to. Enjoy it.
  5. Chalkboards & Lessons – This song has some heavy Iron & Wine influence. It was one of the later songs I wrote for the demo and I feel that it shows. It's a mid-tempo piece but the strumming pattern gives it an up-tempo feel. You'll have to hear it to understand. The lyrical content is simple, and though it may not be poignant for you, it's everything to me.
  6. Present Tense – A slow lullaby that speaks of heartache. Surprise, surprise, right? I wish I could have added some e-bow to the tune, but I ran out of time. I'll re-record it in good time.
  7. I No Knot – The final track of the demo is a quirky piece I wrote, literally, at the last second. The riff is mostly improvised as are all the lyrics. It's a look into myself.

Overall I feel that this is a heartfelt piece of work. Whether you enjoy it or not is up to you. Contact me if you'd like a copy.

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March 29, 2006 at 9:57 am (General)

So Blogspot.com has been blocked at Katella High School. I've created this blog in order to continue my posting of poetry, essays, lyrics, critiques, satires, etc.

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